Guests of Penfield Country Club are warmly welcomed and encouraged to enjoy the many amenities of the club.  For additional information, please see below.  

  • Dress Code
    • Our members, their families, and their guests should always dress in good taste. During the entire year, exclusive of the golf season and off-season, acceptable attire must be worn.
      In the clubhouse, unacceptable dress would include non-golf collarless shirts, hats, tank tops, denim jeans "cut-off" of other insufficient length, swimwear and cover-ups.
      We ask that our guests use common sense here; baseball caps and hats are appropriate on the golf course, swimwear and cover-ups are appropriate at the pool) Otherwise, the above guidelines apply.

  • Club Policies
    • Cell Phone Use

      The overall policy for cell phone and hand held devices use is to turn them off. If that is not possible, turn them to vibrate.  We ask that you use your cell phone for emergency purposes and step into the hallway to take a call if you are in the clubhouse. If you are on the grounds and golf course, please be respectful of those around you and keep the conversation level low. Cell phone use is prohibited on the patio, in the bar and lounge, meeting rooms and all dining areas. Members must inform their guests of this policy and are responsible for their guests actions.

      Smoking Policy

      Due to NYS regulations, smoking is prohibited inside any building at Penfield Country Club. Smoking is only permitted outside; this includes any artificial or e-cigarettes.  Please use receptacles provided to dispose of cigarette and cigar butts. This includes on the patio, parking lots, golf course, pool, tennis courts and at the practice facilities.